Things to Know about the Different Types of Restaurant Chairs

When you enter a restaurant, what is the first thing you notice after checking out the look? If you like the look of the place the next thing you will focus is the seating option. You give a quick look at the restaurant chairs to access the comfort level of the place.

Restaurant chairs

As a restaurateur, you must think alike your customers and then decide the furniture. The people who will visit your restaurant will judge your place as per the sitting accommodation. If they are not comfortable with the place, they will not wait even to taste the delicious food you are offering.

Knowing about the restaurant furniture is thus an important task. Through the below discussed categories, you will get an idea of the different types of chairs commonly that can be used in a restaurant.

Types of chairs you can have for restaurants

There are lots of possibilities in terms of designs when it is about the furnishing options of indoors. Comfort is always the first criteria for any kind of chair. Long lasting and timeless styling ensure a perfect piece for your restaurant. Some restaurants follow minimalistic and simple style. Accordingly, the chair designs are to be chosen. If you are buying the product from a reputed dealer the options of color are more and there are lesser chances of color fading. For elegant looking seats in indoors, you can adopt:

  • Parsons chair
  • Upholstered dining chairs
  • Plywood chairs
  • Timber and Polypropylene chairs
  • Bentwood chairs

Types of chairs for open air cafes

While selecting outdoor chairs there is a task of focusing on style and functionality. When you are planning an outdoor setting, you do not have the additional task of sticking to a theme. The only decorative part you can focus on is the furniture you are using. The design of the chairs should be inviting yet simple. Choose a dealer who is an expert in dealing with outdoor furniture. Durability is always an important thing but in the case of outdoor furniture weatherproof furnishings are to be chosen. The material of the chair must be able to withstand temperature changes and the harsh weather. The chairs that can be selected for outdoor settings are:

  • PU resin chairs which are UV resistant
  • Polypropylene with fiberglass chairs
  • Rust proof stackable chairs
  • Aluminum chairs
  • Chairs made of virgin materials
  • Polyethylene cubes

How bentwood chairs are appropriate for restaurant chairs

Restaurant chairs
People often choose bentwood chairs for restaurants as these are the safest baits for attracting customers. These are classic yet stunning with its quality to compete with the changing styles of decoration. Traditional techniques of wood bending are used to craft these chairs. Most of the customized designs are possible on these chairs. It will offer versatility to the product while being aesthetic in its look. The basic bentwood chairs perfectly fit with most restaurant tables. The overall look has an elevated appeal with the addition of these chairs which are now available in various colors. You will get plenty of designs if you find a reputed dealer of restaurant furnishing.

Facilities of booth seating

There comes richness in design when a restaurant adds booth seating facility. The addition gives the place an informal and cozy look. As a restaurateur, you must be ready for large gatherings which are offered by these booths. Your customers will get a private place to enjoy their favorite dishes.

Booth seating

You need to take any single side of the wall and place the booth sofa on both sides. You can work on the design in an L-format even. Here you can place the sofa in the L-shaped pattern whereas the other open sides can accommodate chairs or stools.

What kinds of restaurant tables are required for booths?

People ask this question to most dealers when buying booths for the first time. The best thing about booths is that you do not need to match the tables and chairs. You can keep the simple rectangular tables and place the booths. If you want to maintain the symmetry with the décor you can focus on the upholstery. Often the curtains are matched with the upholstery of these booths.

Different types of stools being a part of restaurant furniture

The standard of designing are changing and many restaurants and cafes are wishing to offer a more relaxed and homely decor to the place. To redesign the decor of the restaurant and cafe, many furniture companies have introduced designer stools in the inventory. The venue of the stools will decide the shape and pattern. These are some of the common type of stools:

  • Wood bar stools
  • Metal bar stools
  • Retro style bar stools
  • Café bar stools
  • Counter height bar stools

Why you need the best hospitality furniture

You get various options in designs and style of hospitality furniture. In hotels or restaurants the seating options are decided without compromising on the comfort quotient. There are specific dimensions of chairs and tables which are to be selected as per the space you have. From bars to banquets, all designs and materials of the furnishing are to create a more dynamic environment which will enhance the dining ambiance.

Bentwood chairs

Only when you are offering comfort to your customers you are able to build your presence in the competitive market. People visit restaurants to have food in a good environment and here the role of right furniture is very significant.


Tips on Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Restaurants and cafes

Choosing the cafe tables and chairs

The work of finding the right table might sound a very easy task. But do you know there are various factors to decide a right furnishing? Before jumping into attractive options, you must know why you are spending so many bucks on the furniture. World class café owners spend a lot of time to find a dealer who will give them the right kind of café tables and chairs. The factors that will help you out are as follows:

Where is your cafe located?

Ask this question before you choose the furniture. Are you searching for furniture for an outdoor location or an indoor closed place? There are different types of furniture for indoor and outdoor setup. When you place the furniture outside, you will definitely have the need to clean the dust frequently. If your café stands on a busy street, then you might need to clean it every now and then. You must choose the material is washable.

Restaurant furniture

The style of furniture

This depends on the theme of your restaurant or café. If you are starting a new joint, first decide how you want to decorate the place. This will depend a lot on the type of food you are serving and the target customers of your restaurant. When you have decided the theme, then start searching the right cafe furniture from a reputed dealer. Broadly the styles are defined as traditional, contemporary, coastal and rustic. If you have any special requirement, there are many stores to offer customized designs.

Durability before looks

Often people who love decorating a place focus only on designs and style of the furnishing. But you must not compromise on the quality of the furniture for getting better in looks. The weather condition of your country is also another important thing to consider before deciding the furniture. For outdoor furniture, search for durability and pick products that will not wear out in harsh conditions. Even if you are choosing the furniture for indoor setting, you have to keep in mind the rough handling of various customers.

Material of the Cafe furniture

There are various options available for both table and chairs of a café. The most commonly used materials are wood, metal, acrylic and glass. The maintenance of each kind of material is different. No matter what material you buy, you have to spend some time and money on maintenance if you want to get the best return of the investment on the furniture. The role of maintenance is integral for durability.

Hospitality furniture

For indoor cafes, the chairs which are highly in demand are the bentwood chairs. Not only for cafes. These chairs are becoming a standard choice for many outdoor settings.

About bentwood chairs

The term bentwood is derived from the technique of its creation. The wood is bent after making it soft through the process of steaming or soaking. The shape is provided when it’s wet and as it hardens later the desired shape appears. The concept was first thought by Michael Thonet with the idea of creating one of the elegant looking bistro chairs.

These chairs look perfect in restaurants, bars and cafes. Modern designs are incorporated easily in these chairs. Many companies are introducing various colors of these chairs and thus they easily fit in most of the current themes of food joints. These are popular cafe chairs as it’s highly durable as most wood structure tends to be.

Why booth seating is preferred over cafe chairs

Some people who are searching for better furnishing options choose booths for their restaurants. If the place is a bigger one, there are arrangements for both. If your restaurant is fit for a cozy dinner, then having a booth seating will bring in more customers. The booths offer a luxurious look to the place. You can install booths only if you have plans for some permanent sitting arrangement. Reasons for booth preference:


  • Comfort- The booths have soft padded sofa sets that offer a better relaxation than chairs. The space is more for every diner to have an uninterrupted space for sitting.
  • Privacy- If the booth is situated against one of the walls it will block the interruption from one side which is preferred by many diners. The seating places have high back sofas that do not allow any disturbance from other diners nearby. The place blocks sound giving the opportunity for a private conversation.
  • Space saving- If you are running the restaurant in the rush hour you can offer a single table and two sofas on either side to make arrangements for more customers at the same time. The style and size of the sofa decide how much space you can save.

After accessing all the important factors you also need to find out the shape of tables that you wish to have in your restaurant. The standard shape is the rectangular one. Many people believe that round tables will save space. Usually, the round shaped tables are small and are fit for accommodating only two people. Oval tables are suitable for a large gathering. The best thing is to break the boredom of patterns and install various shapes while keeping the décor perfect.

5 Things to Do Before Buying Furniture Online

People are now attracted to the new age shopping system where they can view products and complete the whole shopping process without moving an inch. It is one of the most convenient ways and you can avoid the problems related to retail shopping. Products like cafe chairs, table, and all other furnishing requirements are offered by various companies through their online store. The smart decision you have taken will only be right when you know how to buy the right products.

Cafe chairs

Find a secure place to buy

As you visit an e-commerce site for buying your furniture, check the URL of the webpage in the address bar above the page. You need to see the letter “s” after http. It indicates that the site has passed the security level check. Trusted sites are the place you can give your payments through your card. Illegal usage through thirds party incurs heavy losses in the online shopping system and that is to be avoided.

 Check the designs

This depends what kind of furniture you are going to buy. You need to know the purpose and the place where you will keep that furniture. There are some websites that offer their own manufactured products and some store in various items of different dealers. If you are searching for restaurant chairs, check the comfort options. Do not compromise on the comfort for getting a cheap deal or even a better design.

Check the material

A common mistake that often owners make is that they do not understand the difference between restaurant and cafe chairs. You need to understand the requirements of a customer. Keep yourself at their place and think what you would expect when you visit a cafe. The outdoor sitting for a quick bite and the indoor cafe will not be the same. Accordingly choose the material. Do not use wooden furniture if planning for outdoor cafes.

Check the quality seal

People often wish to have branded products and the logic behind spending on branded products is the quality of the products. Often branded products have a warranty of the products that ensures that spending on a product means a good return of that investment. Some products have trust seals that are to be checked.

Read product reviews

As you start finalizing your product have a quick check over the product reviews. Check the reviews of cafe owners if available, who have already purchased that specific cafe furniture and is reviewing after using it.

For finding designs of exclusive quality and getting attracting deals call Have a Seat. You can also contact them with the help of the online form available.