5 Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make while Choosing Restaurant Furniture

It happens almost with everyone- while shopping you get enthralled to things that would perfectly match the decor of your interior. Just like Hamlet’s soliloquy that oscillates between “to be or not to be”, your mind also dwells in dilemma “to buy or not to buy”.   In the period, you get to think the particular object will perfectly appease your restaurant hall. In the mean time, you end up buying the product that is not at all required. The restaurant furniture is one such item in the list for the ones who are setting up their own restaurant. After you strike the deal, you finally end up thinking, where you did the mistakes and what you were thinking.

The major thing that plays the vital role in deciding about the interior of any restaurant is that the interior designing and arrangement requires a keen interest and a good piece of observation skill. Not all that glitters is gold. In other way round, it is not necessary that whatever we like will look perfect in the restaurant too. The professional interior designers have the aesthetic and the artistic sense that a common people lack. A proper proportion of colour, light, room-size, and placement of the accessories will always add a spark in the dining hall. Through their visual appeal, they dictate all the proceedings and happenings inside the hall.

The restaurant owners find it a tough task to decide the type of restaurant to build. Therefore, before proceeding with the proceedings, it is needed to graph the entire concept clearly before going for any unnecessary investment. The most common mistakes that almost all restaurant owners make are-

Choose According to the Space

Learn from the mistakes of other restaurants you pay visit to. Ensuring you achieve a well-planned and designed restaurant, the owners need to choose the restaurant tables and the restaurant chairs as per the available space. The proper proportion of the chair and table according to the size of the restaurant hall is essential. Not everything of the same size in the room looks good. Therefore, variation in height and size in the restaurant accessories is required.

It is considered as the top mistake that most of the restaurant owners commit. They go crazy over bulky furniture. Hence, it takes a good visual to select the best restaurant furniture that matches the room size.

Keep Budget in Mind

Cut your coat according to your cloth. Before going for the purchase, decide about the budget. Else, you will end up with economic failure. Spending burly on restaurant furniture is not a wise step. It also does not mean you put the cheapest of the set for dining. The experts suggest why to spend hefty when you can get the better quality at a lesser price. A well judged planning would never neither let you fall in disguise or remorse with an appalling feeling.

Stressing on Fabrics and Cushions

The cafe chairs must not be left with a wooden finish or with a steel frame. Therefore, a proper draping is necessary. Choosing the right kind of fabric for the chairs is necessary. The restaurants with booth seating need to take extra care for arranging cushions and fabrics that should be comfortable and cosy. Any type of too jazzy should be a big NO!

The fabrics and cushion should also be durable and should be able to withstand the handling of hundreds of clients. The modern day sees the concept of leather as the most popular material for seat. As the leather have numerous advantages over the fabric like-

  • Stain resilient
  • Water-proof
  • Easily cleanable

In the process, the leather must be so chosen that it should not stink. High quality leather should be the priority. It will surely add the decor to the restaurant furniture.

Concentrate on Theme-based Restaurant

Well! To some people dining in a restaurant with antique cafe tables or furniture is a great pleasure, while to some, a modern arrangement is necessary. Setting up a restaurant is a onetime investment. Therefore, if you think about meeting the flavour of both classes of your guests, being a restaurant owner you need to think a lot over this. You either go with a single theme or make provision for both the types. This would sometimes be an added advantage.

Type of Restaurant Table

You will never get your restaurant a full set of family cafe chair or tables necessary for two persons. Every restaurant owner makes sure that they have the specific number of seating arrangement meeting every section of people. This does not let the space go waste. At the same time, the restaurant can serve multiple sections of the guests.

Hence, it can be said that choosing the best restaurant furniture is not at all an easy task. It takes into play numerous aspects. As this is a costly investment, therefore, proper decision and planning is required.


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