How Booth Seating and Other Furniture Make Your Leisure Time Perfect

Comfort is the key matter before you start eating after stepping inside a restaurant. Most importantly, most of the people come to a restaurant to enjoy a leisure time with family and friends or alone. The matter of foods appears as the secondary matter there. Therefore, it is important to decide how you want to comfort your customers. Seating positions are the key factors to attract the customers to the hotel or restaurant areas.

Comfortable seating areas appear attractive to everyone. Among many other sitting positions, it is the most comfortable to sit on the booth seating. But, why should you choose booths over the chairs and stools? Follow the reasons below.

Why use booth seating?

Using booth seating has several positive aspects. They are as follows –

  • Extra space
  • Comfortable approach
  • Accommodate more people at a short span of area
  • Offers less traffic in between
  • Best for indoor restaurant furniture set up

The last point needs to be discussed about a little. From the point of view of the cafe or restaurant owner, you may not like the idea of crowding a small space with numerous tables and chairs. Keeping them fixed at one place is one of the key matters you need to consider while maintaining a neat place in a short span of area.

The variations of booth seating

Among all the restaurant furniture, booth seating is considered as most comfortable. Therefore, you need to know the heights and lengths of the furniture so that you can accommodate them properly inside your restaurant or cafeteria. The height of the common booth seatings should be around 16 to 18 inches, while the table in the front side should be at least 25” to 30” tall. If there is a double booth seating (both side – back to back), then also, the measurement will remain same. The height of the backrest should be the same as well.

The width of the booth will be between 64” to 74” inches. The depth of the back rest will be between 3 to 6 inches. While settled on the both side of a table, the booth seating will align vertically with the exterior edge of the table.

In this regard, you need to know about the height of the table as well.

Restaurant table height

The usual restaurants are the places where people go for enjoying their leisure time as well as private and family time. Therefore, while thinking of the restaurant table height, you need to measure that properly. The restaurant table should maintain a height range of 25” to 30” height where people will sit for dining. The height of the table beside the chairs or booths should be properly matched. If the tables are short, then they should have proper chairs accommodate on each side so that the users can comfort their limbs around.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about a bar table or a cabinet table, they will certainly stand taller than the average restaurant tables. The cabinet tables are 36” tall while the bar tables will be 41” to 42” taller. The height of the counters and the bar tables are decided over the height of the people working on the counters and in the bar areas.

However, if you think of changing the tabletops at time, you may then create different looks of the restaurant by changing the colours.

Now, there is no reason to think that with the other furniture around, you have to keep the chairs out. The chairs are one of the integral parts of the restaurants. Therefore, you cannot think about a restaurant without the chairs.

Restaurant chairs

The restaurant chairs are not heavy like the booth seating arrangements and therefore, the furniture can help to set up the outdoor arena as well (not as big as an arena, but a restaurant on the outdoor should not be small enough). You cannot place the booths on the outside but the can put the chairs and remove them faster if the weather turns bad.

Therefore, the fact is that, you can put restaurant chairs at all the places and use them for decorating as well. In fact, the way you will design the restaurant chairs, that will decide the approach of the restaurant instantly.

Then, you may ask, which restaurant should be an ideal restaurant. There will be no clear answer to this question. The restaurant furniture indeed helps to decide the approach of the restaurant but apart from the furniture, the themes of the restaurant and the light set up also play vital roles. Therefore, you cannot just depend on one part (furniture) to make the restaurant look beautiful. However, as people gather the cafeteria and restaurants to enjoy their leisure times so most of them like to take a seat and rest for a while, along with some confectionary or foods that they have ordered.

As the comfort matters most, you need to take care of the booth seating therefore, along with table and chair settings. If you are currently looking for perfect booth or other restaurant furniture arrangements for your newfound restaurant or cafe, you can book the items from Have a Seat in NSW.


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