Set Restaurant Chairs and Cafe Furniture Properly to Attract Customers

The word “wow” from the visitors just stepped inside a restaurant means a lot to the restaurant owners. Usually, a visitor hardly gets awestruck soon after stepping inside the restaurants. It is not only the food but also the ambiance of the place that draws the attention of the people in the restaurant area. The designing experts suggest that the restaurant chairs and the tables should be prepared in a way that it appears to the visitors, that they are ready to be embraced by the furniture.

It is important to set the cafe tables and chairs in a way that the visitors feel welcome there. In this regard, it is important to mention that the tables and chairs inside the restaurant areas need to be in a specific formation so that they can effortlessly attract the attention of the people. The alignment of the tables and chairs should be accurate. Along with that, you can apply mesmerizing lighting set up, so that the ambiance appears pleasant and soothing for the customers. Most of the customers prefer to order right after cooling themselves a little. A perfect table and chair-set up can make them feel that your restaurant is the right place for them to calm down and please their appetite.

A restaurant or a cafe is nothing without proper sitting arrangements. Now, as you know, a comfortable ambiance or sitting arrangements do not always start with tables and chairs, but the booth seatings are also there. Here, it will be wise to share some information regarding the cafe or restaurant booth seating.

The Booth seating arrangements

The booth seating arrangements are usually coined as the most relaxing sitting places in the cafe or restaurants. The feeling of the relaxation can be enhanced with the soft feeling of the backside and underneath. The booth seating allows the body to be relaxed. At the same time, the distance and the height of the booth seating should be considered in this regard as well.

The booth seating is usually 16 to 18 inch tall from the ground (the sitting place) while the backrest also maintains the same height or a little more than that. The booth areas consume more place but people prefer these for their privacy. However, even though most of the cafes avoid booth seatings, the restaurants prefer to set up the booth seating arrangements for providing privacy to the customers.

What kinds of furniture do cafes use?

The cafe has easier approach than the restaurants. You can see cafes making set up even in the open at times that the restaurants usually do not do. Therefore, it is easier to go easy on cafe. In fact, all over the world, the cafe furniture is set keeping the approach of the cafe in mind.

The cafeterias usually use the light chairs and tables, so that they can be moved easily and placed anywhere according to the requirements of the customers. The customers may want to settle on the outside, for which the chairs may need to set in the open. It is better not to drag out the booths and try the chairs instead for allowing the customers to enjoy the open air.

However, the restaurant set up is not like a cafe. It will be wise therefore to check out the set up of the restaurant areas.

Set up of restaurants

While it is a restaurant, the tables and chairs along with the covers upon them matter a lot. Along with it, the food and various dishes as well as beverage pairings also matter a lot. A fine dining arrangement should be of this kind –

  • There should be a centrepiece maintaining a proper distance of from all the sitting set ups around. It is important to ensure that the people sitting in different chairs and tables around do not bump upon other’s table or chairs. Booth seating may be useful in this regard besides restaurant chairs.
  • The chairs should maintain at least 6 to 8 inches gap from the table, so that the users can comfortably take seat.
  • The light on the table should be settled just in the centre, so that the customers can see each other’s face and during the time of taking foods, they can clearly see the food items. Certainly, the light should better be hanged down so that a table lamp does not obstruct the view.
  • Along with the table and chair set up, the utensil set up also matters most on the restaurant tables. The placement of the forks, tablespoons and knifes should be accurate.

While considering the restaurant chairs, you can consider bentwood chairs, which are hard yet comfortable and at the same time, easy to maintain as well. The same can be used as the cafe chairs also.

If you are looking for restaurant or cafe chairs as well as sturdy restaurant or cafe furniture, you can contact with Have a Seat, one of the leading restaurant furniture suppliers in Australia.


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