The Complete Overview of the Usages of Cafe Tables and Chairs

The moment you enter in a cafe or a restaurant, the first things you look at are the cafe chairs and tables. It is not the people but the furniture welcomes you in the hospitality unit. Based on the type of the restaurant and its menu as well as services, the cafe tables and chairs are settled. What the cafe and restaurant owners look for is making the cafe or restaurant more customer-friendly. Therefore, along with the service quality, the setup of the tables and chairs should be proper and accordingly measured as well.

What should be the measurement?

In a cafe or restaurant, you can surely find several sorts of tables and chairs are designed in different ways. You may find reserved chairs in restaurants very often. Do you know why the chairs and tables on the same floor are tagged as luxurious ones while the others are segregated as intermediate and economical setup? The reason is hidden in the sitting arrangements and its measurements. Here, the following context will try to provide some ideas regarding that.

For the luxurious setup, the chairs should be placed slightly inside the table corners. The chair along with the backrest should be 22” for the luxury sitting setup. Without the backrest, the sitting setup should be 18” for the chairs. The same will be a little smaller for the intermediate setup and the space occupied by the chair will be within 19”-20”.

In the cafeteria or common restaurants, you can commonly see these intermediate chairs and tables all around. However, apart from those, you can see other sorts of chairs and tables all around as well. The economical chairs and tables should maintain a proper distance with the table as well.

Here, you need to know that all the restaurant tables and chairs should maintain a proper distance so that the customers feel comfortable during the time of taking their seats. All the tables should maintain a distance of 18” from the chairs. You should also know that the restaurant tables and the chairs setup should also maintain a proper gap between them to leave enough space on the floor or the aisle so that the service people can move comfortably through the places between.

What kind of chairs will be beneficial?

Though the question generally sounds odd enough, it is certainly a concern for the restaurant owners. The restaurant or cafe owners need to check out what will be wise for them in respect of cost effectiveness and usefulness. Any kind of chair can comfort you but they should be matched to the tables. The tabletops should therefore be matched to the nature or the outlook of the chairs. In a cafeteria, you need to use the easily usable chairs while the restaurant may use all kinds of chairs and the booth seatings even. However, as the matter of cost-effectiveness is concerned, you can consider the bentwood chairs in that aspect.

Is the bentwood furniture reliable?

In aspect of reliability, the bentwood furniture should be kept on the top of all. They are not just sturdy but also lightweight and stylish. Having the heavy chairs may affect the appearance of the space. Space management is a crucial matter in the restaurants.

The bentwood chairs can be well set with any kind of table. On the other hand, the you cannot set all sorts of chairs with the tables in a restaurant or cafe. The bentwood chairs are naturally stylish, even though you ignore the crafted or curved backrest, it will not affect the appearance of the restaurant area. The bentwood chairs do not also take much time to be cleaned. In addition, you need to know that the bentwood furniture can survive the time better than any other furniture.

In fact, if you consider the appearance of the place, then also the bentwood furniture will be beneficial for your restaurant or cafe. In the matter of comfort, you can place the bentwood chairs just after the booth seating. Here, you need to know about the booth seating beside the restaurant tables to this context.

Why should you magnify the booth seating?

Even though there was a time when booth seating could be commonly seen in the restaurants, nowadays you can see the same in the cafeterias as well. Comfort is the key to draw the attention of the customers and therefore, you cannot let the booth-seating shy away from the limelight. Alongside bentwood furniture, you need the cosy booth seating in the restaurants or cafe.

Space allotment is more for the booth seating while the restaurant chairs and tables consume comparatively lesser space. However, you can always assure the maximum comfort to the people when the booth seating arrangements are installed. The reason for considering booth seating is ultimate comfort.

It does not mean that the restaurant and cafe tables and chairs cannot provide the ultimate comfort to you. Booth seatings are exclusively for privacy while you can always enjoy the wide-open hospitality of the cafe or restaurant furniture as you step inside hospitality units.

In short, if you want to provide complete comfort to the customers, you need to surround the restaurant or cafe tables with comfortable chairs and booth seating arrangements. All you need is a proper plan for the whole furniture setup and it will certainly pay up with the smiling faces of the customers.


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