Why Bentwood Chairs Demand Styles and Aristocracy for a Restaurant

When you will find out the best ever cafe or restaurant, what you will find then? There are two things that will make you interested in visiting the cafe or a restaurant. The two things are the accommodation and the quality of food and service. When you boast of taking some tasty food, a different type of foreign cuisine or continental dish, you might not get the response of customers. Then, what is the problem in your where you are serving the best food and service? Yes, the problem lies in your accommodation and furniture set up. Today, bring some bentwood chairs appropriate for your accommodation and see the difference.

There are different types of bentwood chairs that are stunning to look. It is a myth that stylish chair gives you the best feeling of setting experience. Truly speaking, they are generally not. Still, you have to set up the best sort of hospitality furniture in your hospitality industry. Let’s look at some of them- the style of them-

Thonet design chair

This is a kind of fine chairs, silky in style, and made up of the best design with thin bentwood channels. The Thonet chairs are simple but eye-catchy in looking. The rest of the chair is also made with the bent wood items. Sometimes, they are made with single round or sometimes, it will be or double rounded or more according to the demand of the design aspect.

Thonet design with handle

Cafe chairs are best made with simple design Thonets as well as the Thonets with handles. When these chairs get a handle, the style gets a stunning turn. The royal look on the chair falls upon when you will set it in any of the hospitality industry. These chairs are also best for wedding decoration suppliers’ team. Thonet chair with cozy handle design gives a stunning look to your cafeteria.

Thonet cane bentwood chairs

When the bentwood chairs are made with the cane structure, they get a stunning look and feel. Keep aside the longevity of these chairs made with cane or wood, the cane made chairs gives you a different look as well as the special feel of aristocracy. This is why, the modern people of the time prefers the chairs made with cane. The thonet style always gives you the maximum look of aristocracy. This type of hospitality furniture always makes you the most stunning look to the area of your reception, rest room or reception of a home.

Thonet desk chair

Do you want to make the match of your cash desk or reception desk with a Thonet chair? You can set up the magnificent stylish Thonet desk chair. These ones have the best quality wood used as well as a net set with the backrest. You will feel a sensation of surrounding enclosure. This will provide the best sort of feeling when you want to a take a resting pleasure while working in a restaurant or anywhere.

Therefore, there is nothing to be worry for the less entry of visitors in your cafe or restaurant. You will get a greater response when they will get the best furniture as well as bentwood chairs in your restaurant.

Impress Visitors with Elegant Restaurant Furniture Setup

Furniture set up of a hospitality unit helps to set its identity. When you step inside a hospitality unit –it may be a furnished restaurant or a cafe, the first thing that will catch your glance is the set up of the furniture. Therefore, it is important to chalk out plans of proper furniture set up for your hospitality unit. In fact, the appearance of the dining area helps to determine your cultural ideas and aesthetic sense. The designs of restaurant furniture represent your brand. Apart from setting the chairs and tables perfectly in a row, using the space also plays a valuable role there. In short, you need to make the guests feel comfortable with the overall ambiance of your restaurant.

Restaurant furniture

Therefore, you need to concentrate on some key factors that may allow you having a clear idea regarding restaurant furniture design.

Space maintenance

It may be a restaurant or a café, using the space to create a different approach of the place is important to impress the customers. The size matters most while you plan to set up the seating arrangements in an impressive way. You need to figure out how many people can be accommodated in your hospitality unit at once. Certainly, you also need to consider spaces in between the dining arrangements and booths so that the staffs can move around freely.

You need to chalk out a plan for splitting the floor space. As an example, you may consider keeping the booths in the middle of the restaurant and set the dining arrangements in a row on each side. You may also choose to leave an open floor space in the middle to allow the void create an impact to the appearance of the restaurant.

Clear visibility is an important factor for maintaining the cleanliness and eloquent appearance of the restaurant. The restaurant-staffs should access all the tables on the floor faster to improve service quality. The furniture set up and design should be made considering this matter.

Alongside a comfortable visual appearance, people will also prefer to enjoy comfortable feeling while sitting on a chair in the restaurant or café. Therefore, while planning for a perfect restaurant or cafe furniture design, you need to ensure that all the sitting arrangements in your hospitality unit are able to match to the expectations of the customers.

The market you target

Sitting arrangements, style of the furniture should be according to your attitude to the market you have targeted. The arrangements of café and restaurant furniture should be based on that. Different target-markets have different choices. The designs should be according to the preferences of the type of consumers you want to see in your restaurant or cafe every day. As an example, you may not include booths for your cafe furniture setup. There are customers who prefer the comfort of booths, but if the frequent visitors in your cafe feel cafe chairs and tables more suitable, then it will better to design your hospitality unit according to their exclusive choices.

cafe chair

Maintaining the quality of the furniture is important in this regard. It does not always matter whether the furniture is cheap or expensive, but the post-setup appearance matters most. You may even create a luxurious atmosphere using cheaper furniture. Bentwood chairs may be useful on that aspect.

Bentwood chairs

Michael Thonet first introduced bentwood chairs in 1851. They are lightweight, comfortable and inexpensive. Their strong and graceful appearance helps to set a different approach for a hospitality unit. Using bentwood furniture will be beneficial because they are easily adjustable with any sort of hospitality unit adjustment. The benefits of bentwood furniture are as followed –

  • Stylish appearance
  • Trendy and stylish design
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to move
  • Durability

Moreover, you can use the bentwood chairs in your restaurant and in café regardless of the approach of the hospitality unit interior.

Your restaurant unit can be designed with magnificent bentwood furniture. Using bentwood chairs as restaurant chairs will be cost effective and attractive. Bentwood furniture can be used as cafe chair as well.

While choosing the right designs to setup café and restaurant furniture, you need to maintain the rhetoric rhythm of the furniture design. It means, you need to maintain proper height of the dining tables and chairs alongside cabinet chairs. Depending on the size of the tables, the heights of the chairs should be maintained properly.

The size of the restaurant tables and chairs mostly depend on the usable space and shape. It is important to decorate the furniture in a way that helps the staffs serve the customers properly. It is also important to maintain the sizes of utensils according to the size of the tables.

In order to find proper restaurant furniture settings and variety of furniture for commercial as well as household usages, you may consider consultation with Have a Seat within their business hours.

The Complete Guideline about Booth Seating in Restaurants

Some aspects have to be clear about the design, seating arrangement and more accessibilities by the visitors when you are about to set up a restaurant business. The very first thing that people are seeking in every cafe or restaurant, where they want to spend some rosy times, is not the size of the place but the level of comfort. This is the reason why most of the customers of the restaurants are in search of booth seating over tables.

Booth seating

Yes, it is true that according to the reports, people feel more comfortable in sitting booths. That does not mean, there should not be any pattern, design or shape for the arrangement.

Keep reading to know the perfect setting of the booths and restaurant chairs that may attract more visitors.

Some Important Booth Features

Once the restaurant-owners understand why the customers prefer the booth seating, they order more booths for the customers. Every booth has various aspects, such as construction, shape, setting and design. Choose the booths accordingly.


Height of the Table Matters

Not every height of the booth table increases the comfort level. Being a cafe owner your utmost need is to take care of the comfort level of your customers. The table height should be at least 36-38 inches that come up to the shoulder blades of an adult and average height man. This height provides the customers enough support for the lower back.

Table Length Is Vital

Length of a booth table is vital when you choose it as one of the best cafe furniture of your eatery. If is it for only two people make it enough lengthy that does not fee them too proximity but comfortable. A two-seated table should be at least 45 inches long. If you want more comfort level for them make them 48 inches long. Certainly, you need to balance the length of the booth table with the size of your restaurant.


Set the Seat Properly

The booth seat is vital. More than 60% comfort has aroused by sitting a perfect soft and cozy booth chair or seat. Springs tend to offer more support and comfort. Also, make sure soft pads and leather on the topcoat coat them. People like it the most when they find some extra foam in the booth chairs. You can arrange   padded and leather coated bentwood chairs if your budget is low. Also, the wooden seats and bare metal seat can be arranged at the inexpensive financial plan.

Do Not Ignore the Upholstery

Benches with the pad, foam and springs with cloth or leather cover is the part of the Upholstery of any restaurant furniture. One of the highest quality upholstered seats is vinyl seating arrangement that is comfortable as well as money saving.

Take Care of the Kick Base

The bottom part of the booth seating is called kick base. Though it s not in the vital parts of the booth construction, the present of it make the patron more enjoyable. It provides a comfortable sitting position as the heels get an extra support.


One cannot measure the constructive part of the booth unless he/she have a seat on it. However, the shape of restaurant tables becomes a visual treat if designed well. Many eateries install straight booth benches, using wall on the three sides. Make the visitor feel like private as they who are in search of booth seating are actually looking for a private space.

One of the best ways to adorn the corner of the restaurant is to set up a round booth there. In that case, you need to arrange matching circular or semi-secular chairs or stools with the round booth.


Design is the vital aesthetic quality of booths. Vinyl upholstered benches have numbers of panels along with the back of the bench. These panels are divided by edging and the back of the seats have approximately three channels. And the height numbers of these channels can be eight. The wooden booths have the perfect and polished curved detail. Color is one of the parts of the design. A thorough retrospect of different restaurants and cafe says that people do not like different and experimental colors in booths. Most used color in booth seating is black and red comes to the second. These two color bring a perfect combination of posh and privacy.

Booth seating

Many restaurant customers prefer sitting on the booths than the tables that are situated in the open room of the eatery. Make sure you install a comfortable as well as gorgeous to the customers. For best quality booth seating, you can contact Have a Seat, the perfect destination for hospitality furniture.

Craft Your Restaurant with the Latest Restaurant Furniture

What wheels are to an automobile is restaurant furniture to the restaurants. The collection and the well arrangement of good, decent, traditional looking and simple restaurant furniture keep the restaurant rolling. It is the interior arrangement of the restaurant or ambience that sets the floor of the restaurant on fire. Though there is hairline difference between the cafe and the restaurant as far as the servings are concerned, but as far as the hospitality is considered, both demand the same attention.

Restaurant furniture

A well-adorned restaurant is that which has been entirely decorated by the gorgeous furniture. Gorgeous furniture need not to be too decorative or bulky. It should be such that it gives the best look to the interiors. It should also be easy to handle and make all the workings easy. One of the important parts of the restaurant furniture is the restaurant chairs. The chairs must be cozy and comfortable. The person sitting on the chair must feel comfortable.

The restaurant owners make sure that whatever they provide is for the clients. So, keeping in mind about the particularity is an example of great hospitality. With the changing trend and time, each and everything is being given a facelift. Earlier hospitality was only confined to how you welcome your guests. In present days, hospitality has a much wider definition. It includes all aspects right from welcoming the guests to easing up with a cup of coffee.

Selecting the Best Restaurant/ Cafe chair

A chair is used for sitting. It should be durable and comfortable as well. It should be able to provide the comfort while remaining seated for a long period of time. The quality of the material from which it is being made should be flexible and durable, lightweight and should not easily spoil.

The recent introduction in the segment of cafe furniture or the restaurant furniture is the bentwood furniture. The history of the bentwood chairs, though dates back to late 17th century, is gradually becoming popular among the cafe owners and the restaurant owners. The bentwood chairs are the best and the most sought out among the owners. They are lightweight, cozy and durable. With a guarantee to provide the ultimate strength and supremacy, the bentwood chairs are considered to be made exclusively for the cafes.

The making of bentwood chair is something that is tiresome and astonishing. The chairs are made upon the consideration of either it will flex or break. Bentwood are produced by allowing the woods to get wet and then folding it to the desired shape and drying it up to give the desired shape with the ultimate strength. The bentwood chairs or the furniture has a look of traditional yet classy. The purity in making the bentwood products and the efficiency to be used as a furniture is what that could be described as the better that has ever happened to bentwood.

The bentwood products have become popular among the restaurant owners and the clients. With the standard backrest, the bentwood chairs provide the needed comfort that hardly any chair would provide. The formal and informal furniture particular being the seating and table forms of all types are being made by the bentwood.

The basic advantage of using the bentwood furniture for the restaurant and cafes is because of its lightweight. Removing it from the place in order to clean the surface is easy. In addition, relocating it from one place to another is an easy affair.

The other added advantages of the bentwood chairs are-

  • Quality of the product

The high quality raw material used for manufacturing the bentwood chairs make them durable. The raw materials are strong and low in cost.

  • Color variant

The main characteristic color of the bentwood furniture is pale yellow that is color of the grain of the wood. But, the recent bentwood furniture makers are adding different colors to skip the original look as per the market demand.

  • Style variant

As the furniture is crafted out from the wetted wood, therefore, they can be given the customized shape and size. As such, there is lot of variation in the style and look. The designers, with their immense wealth of experience and expertise are trying to craft out a world class bentwood products.

The bentwood products give the restaurant or the cafe the required dazzling and the elegant look. From the ergonomic point of view, the bentwood chairs are considered wonderful. The bentwood products are unique, bears a modern and elegant design, exquisite innovative design and as an icon in the path of development.

The real outlook of a restaurant or a cafe is its restaurant furniture. The increase in the demand of the comfort has led to the introduction of the varieties of bentwood chairs, furniture and product.

Trendiest Cafe Furniture That Rule the Leading Restaurants These Days

Running a restaurant can be tougher than one can think. Are you planning to run a restaurant or want to remodel your cafe as the mass is losing attraction with the place? Well, According to the expert’s interior designers people by the product by their eyes first. This theory also applicable to a restaurant business, though the food is the ultimate attraction of the place. Researchers say that chances are, if your eatery doesn’t comfort their eyes even the most delicious food fails to win their hearts. What attracts a cafe more? And the answer is soothing and appropriate interior designs and Cafe furniture is the inseparable part of the interior.

Restaurant furniture

Are you eager to know the trendiest cafe and restaurant furniture that are in fashion now?

Keep reading.

Top Restaurant and Cafe Furniture That Rule the Hospitality Industry

1.Classic Bentwood Chairs
The term classic itself states its position that is meant to shine a long. No matter you are decorating your home dining room or the wedding party, a bentwood chair always takes the royal position. The classiness of the seat gives the place more sober than any other seat than any other chair can. Symmetrical organization is the basic rule of interior decoration. If get up of the restaurant is failed to bring the simple symmetric look all the decoration will go in vain. The Bentwood is the most symmetrical seat that goes with all kind of eatery.
2. Booth Seating
People always seek privacy according to their budget. So, no matter, you are an owner of a small cafe or a lavish bistro you have to provide some private space to your customer unless people will lose interest in your place. A booth seating is a must have Restaurant furniture. Whenever people went to a romantic date or a couple dinners they look for an eatery that provides an ample amount of privacy. On the other hand, occasions like Valentine’s Day cafes with booth seating are high in demand.
3. Coffee Table
It’s the most common as well as the most demanding table in use. But, taking this product lightly will be the most foolish decision indeed as people who are seeking for a cup of coffee actually not bothering about the mere coffee but the comfort. A place decorated with the beautiful coffee table along with the soothing ambiance becomes the most loved place by all. It also suit with the club furniture that would bring a retro look of the place.
4. Bench Seat
Want to expand the area of the cafe but afraid of being congested? Shun the idea if you want to install some more seating arrangement inside the cafe. Make it a perfect outdoor eatery with the outdoor bench sets and some beautiful patio umbrella and awnings. Are you running a food truck and bother about the number of the customers. Well, most startup food track owners are worried about the customer count as they are not able to provide seating arrangements. Bench seats are the best-suited products for them. Since they are light and portable it can be the best product to attract numbers of customers.
5. Bar Tables
It’s obvious that the seating arrangement of a bar is completely different from any cafe or restaurant. Install the round bar tables if you are running a bar or pub. Bar tables and the bar stools are the most famous Club furniture indeed. You can also install the Bar table sets for the group of the friends who want to hang out together.
A lavish restaurant place in incomplete without a gorgeous ottoman. Make sure the colour of the ottomans is vibrant and attractive. You can arrange one seated or multiple seated ottomans according to your requirements and budget.
7. LED Ottoman
Most medium or big restaurants wish to install some attractive and sparkling LED ottoman for the customers who have to wait outside while all the tables are booked. One can install the tinny and beautiful one seated round or square LED ottoman in his eatery.
So, which furniture do you choose for your restaurant? Choosing a suitable type of seat matter. If you are getting confused with the long list ask the expert. You can ask the most famous manufacturer and supplier of hospitality and cafe furniture named Have a Seat. The experts are happy to help you.

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Set up Hospitality Furniture According to the Approach

Innovative designs are the key to a cafe or restaurant business. The first impression of the visitors is beneficial for the cafe or restaurant business. Therefore, the issues of designing the furniture throughout the cafeteria and restaurant area should be planned carefully. Even though it appears to be the same, the modern concepts of a restaurant and a cafe have many differences. A cafe is a place where people gather to relax with some snacks and hot drinks like coffee, tea etc. Therefore, the cafe chairs should replicate the mood of the people who come to their just to relax a bit. Usually, those chairs appear flexible enough to comfort people who sit on them. The tables and other furniture around the place should also match to the approach of those flexible chairs.


Now, look at the restaurant furniture set up. A restaurant is an eatery where people will be relaxed and enjoy the charm of the moments prior ordering the foods. A restaurant is a place where people can decently relax and enjoy a cozy lunch and dinner session with family and friends. In this regard, the restaurant tables play important roles. Round or oval restaurant tables can be the best fit for people not only for a cozy dining session but also for meeting sessions.

Customers are the heart of a restaurant business and therefore, creating an impression and maintain it over the time matters a lot. Elegance is a notion that can be generated even with staying within the budget. If you are looking to start a restaurant, then you have to consider this factor.

Finding proper furniture within budget

At first, you need to ensure your budget range and the way of approach that you want to create for your restaurant or cafe. The budget will help you to decide on    the theme. If you are in the business already, then you can renovate the appearance by installing new hospitality furniture. The ideas for designing will play a vital part and you may consult with experts regarding the issue. The appearance of the walls, ceiling (it may or may not be redesigned –depends on what you prioritize) as well as the lights also play deciding roles for restaurant designs.

cafe chairs

Furniture in café and restaurants should be placed according to the approach. However, the placement of cozy cafe chairs should provide a comfortable feeling to the visitors, which will make them more interested in spending some times in that hospitality unit.

Restaurant Furniture Playing Crucial Role in the Interior Designing

Restaurants are the place where people meet for a get together either to enjoy a moment or for some official purpose. Restaurants are also considered as the place to relax yourself in the free time- gorging upon your favorite cuisines to a light music. Whatever may be the situation is, they are the place onto which the people hangout to recreate themselves. In order to keep their mood and moment unspoilt, the restaurant must provide the required ambience to its clients. Right from the welcome to the hospitality to the cuisines and the restaurant furniture, that is an essential to relax, matter.

The furniture must be such that it soothes the mood. The characteristics of a good restaurant furniture must be-

  • It should provide the required level of coziness and comfort whosoever uses it.
  • It should be lightweight and yet durable to sustain numerous handling.
  • Should be cost effective
  • Furniture must be elegant and classy
  • Furniture should be easy to handle
  • It should be user friendly

Beside all these, planning must be proper regarding the type of restaurant chairs to be purchased. This is the factor that will determine your profit for the business. Providing the customers with a comfortable seating to enjoy their moments is an example of a great customer service that a restaurant can offer. A memorable moment of a restaurant is something that combines soothing interiors with delicious food servings and a perfect ambience.

Restaurant owners are more or less relying on the furniture to boost their restaurant’s appeal to the visitors. It is a fact that the interiors like the kind, style, design and quality of the chairs and tables going to be used, portraits and paintings surrounding you play a significant contribution to the business enhancement.

Club furniture is the most demanded type of restaurant furniture at present. It is a simple yet gorgeous looking, round footed piece of furniture. It adds that stunning look. People say that such furniture gives a feeling of antiquity. As if, they are sitting at some restaurant in some early century.

Club furniture is made up of any make. The leather finish on a wooden base provides the royal look to any hall of a restaurant.

Whatever may be the concern or the style icon, restaurant furniture plays a vital role in the decoration of the interiors of a restaurant. Restaurant owners are more or less giving stress on theme based furniture to help their business.

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Set up the Right Café Furniture to Boost Your Restaurant Business

While you set your first step in a beautifully furnished restaurant, you cannot easily avoid the effect of the atmosphere around. It is nice to step in a beautifully furnished restaurant. Set up of the cafe furniture plays important role for drawing the attention of customers. In fact, you can consider this issue as a profitable factor if you are currently planning to set up a new restaurant business.

Cafe furniture

A beautiful place has significant appeals to the thoughts of the visitors and a beautifully furnished restaurant gets more visitors for fulfilling that specific requirement. Certainly, you cannot avoid the foods and other hospitality factors, but appearance indeed plays the most significant part above all.

Designing the restaurant-interiors requires proper setup of furniture and their planned placement. The dining room and waiting room will certainly not be designed in the same way. Beautification of a restaurant sometimes depends on the proper usage of spaces. The bar of the restaurant sometimes used as the main dining and drinking area. Therefore, it should have a direct approach so that the visitors feel welcome always.

People consider the cafeteria as a place for spending their personal times or the break-times. Usually the cafe chairs and tables appear with a friendlier and welcoming fashion. The funkier they appear, people start feeling more comfortable with the place. Of course, the issue of designing the area with matching wall paintings and designs will provide the sense of completeness.

Many restaurants consider cafeterias as restrooms (they do not allocate different spaces for setting up restrooms), so cafe furniture in those restaurants should be comfortable enough to make the visitors feel comfortable enough. If you have planned to design your restaurant in a new way (like setting up the cafeteria in the open), the furniture needs to be chosen with care. The mood of the restaurant depends on the café-interior design. For example, if you want to give a country-pub look to the pub area, vintage-looking furniture can be the best match for the purpose.

Cafe chairs

If you want to get into the restaurant business, apart from considering the foods and hospitality sector, you should consider studying online regarding some suggestions and affordable price ranges for cafe furniture. If you are residing in New South Wales then considering Have A Seat may be helpful enough in this regard. The right set of furniture will surely give your business initial boost to help you to take it to the next level with quality service and sheer hospitality.

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5 Aspects of Booth Seating to Attract Customers

The seating arrangement in a restaurant is one of the key components to attracting the customers. If the seating arrangement looks fantastic, feels comfortable and functions well, it will encourage your customers even more. No matter whether you have booth seating arrangement or general table seating arrangement, you can achieve perfect seating environment in 5 simple steps.

Booth seating

1.Ensuring seating flexibility

If you try to incorporate fixed seats inside your restaurant, you will face certain limitations in its flexibility. So, you should stock a pile of tables and chairs to ensure that you can provide comfortable seating arrangements when a large group of people arrives. Some also ask for joining the tables and stuff like that. You should be able to cater to these requests by ensuring enough flexibility in the cafe chairs and tables you are using.

2. Exclusive booth seating arrangements

Having an exclusive arrangement for booths in your restaurant is a very good idea. Some people suffer from social anxiety disorder and prefer the sense of isolation which only booths can provide them with. Some also feels that sitting in a booth provides them a sense of exclusive privilege. So, it is better to install a small amount of booths to provide exclusivity to the customers.

3. Design a proper spacing layout

If you are choosing a layout for your seating arrangement, you must make sure that the spacing is maintained properly. There should be ample amount of gap between the tables. Also, there should be enough rooms in the walkway. The hospitality furniture experts suggest keeping a 500mm gap between the tables and 800mm (or more) gap between the chairs. This provides the customers with perfect privacy and comfort.

4. Consider your clientele

You should know your customer base in and out. You should also be aware of their position within the market. This knowledge must be reflected in your seating arrangement and your brand should be ready to cater to their preferences and intensions. For example, a fast-food center should opt to slightly smaller booths in order to fit more people as its customers will be in for a relatively shorter period. On the contrary, a restaurant should install larger booths as it needs to give the comfort to people who will be sitting there for a longer span.

5. Pick the right theme and design

The theme and design of your restaurant should be picked carefully as these have the greatest influence on your customers. You should reflect these aspects on your interior design to make your seating arrangement more attractive.

If you take care of these 5 aspects of booth seating and general table seating, you will be able to turn more heads towards your restaurant.

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Things to Know about the Different Types of Restaurant Chairs

When you enter a restaurant, what is the first thing you notice after checking out the look? If you like the look of the place the next thing you will focus is the seating option. You give a quick look at the restaurant chairs to access the comfort level of the place.

Restaurant chairs

As a restaurateur, you must think alike your customers and then decide the furniture. The people who will visit your restaurant will judge your place as per the sitting accommodation. If they are not comfortable with the place, they will not wait even to taste the delicious food you are offering.

Knowing about the restaurant furniture is thus an important task. Through the below discussed categories, you will get an idea of the different types of chairs commonly that can be used in a restaurant.

Types of chairs you can have for restaurants

There are lots of possibilities in terms of designs when it is about the furnishing options of indoors. Comfort is always the first criteria for any kind of chair. Long lasting and timeless styling ensure a perfect piece for your restaurant. Some restaurants follow minimalistic and simple style. Accordingly, the chair designs are to be chosen. If you are buying the product from a reputed dealer the options of color are more and there are lesser chances of color fading. For elegant looking seats in indoors, you can adopt:

  • Parsons chair
  • Upholstered dining chairs
  • Plywood chairs
  • Timber and Polypropylene chairs
  • Bentwood chairs

Types of chairs for open air cafes

While selecting outdoor chairs there is a task of focusing on style and functionality. When you are planning an outdoor setting, you do not have the additional task of sticking to a theme. The only decorative part you can focus on is the furniture you are using. The design of the chairs should be inviting yet simple. Choose a dealer who is an expert in dealing with outdoor furniture. Durability is always an important thing but in the case of outdoor furniture weatherproof furnishings are to be chosen. The material of the chair must be able to withstand temperature changes and the harsh weather. The chairs that can be selected for outdoor settings are:

  • PU resin chairs which are UV resistant
  • Polypropylene with fiberglass chairs
  • Rust proof stackable chairs
  • Aluminum chairs
  • Chairs made of virgin materials
  • Polyethylene cubes

How bentwood chairs are appropriate for restaurant chairs

Restaurant chairs
People often choose bentwood chairs for restaurants as these are the safest baits for attracting customers. These are classic yet stunning with its quality to compete with the changing styles of decoration. Traditional techniques of wood bending are used to craft these chairs. Most of the customized designs are possible on these chairs. It will offer versatility to the product while being aesthetic in its look. The basic bentwood chairs perfectly fit with most restaurant tables. The overall look has an elevated appeal with the addition of these chairs which are now available in various colors. You will get plenty of designs if you find a reputed dealer of restaurant furnishing.

Facilities of booth seating

There comes richness in design when a restaurant adds booth seating facility. The addition gives the place an informal and cozy look. As a restaurateur, you must be ready for large gatherings which are offered by these booths. Your customers will get a private place to enjoy their favorite dishes.

Booth seating

You need to take any single side of the wall and place the booth sofa on both sides. You can work on the design in an L-format even. Here you can place the sofa in the L-shaped pattern whereas the other open sides can accommodate chairs or stools.

What kinds of restaurant tables are required for booths?

People ask this question to most dealers when buying booths for the first time. The best thing about booths is that you do not need to match the tables and chairs. You can keep the simple rectangular tables and place the booths. If you want to maintain the symmetry with the décor you can focus on the upholstery. Often the curtains are matched with the upholstery of these booths.

Different types of stools being a part of restaurant furniture

The standard of designing are changing and many restaurants and cafes are wishing to offer a more relaxed and homely decor to the place. To redesign the decor of the restaurant and cafe, many furniture companies have introduced designer stools in the inventory. The venue of the stools will decide the shape and pattern. These are some of the common type of stools:

  • Wood bar stools
  • Metal bar stools
  • Retro style bar stools
  • Café bar stools
  • Counter height bar stools

Why you need the best hospitality furniture

You get various options in designs and style of hospitality furniture. In hotels or restaurants the seating options are decided without compromising on the comfort quotient. There are specific dimensions of chairs and tables which are to be selected as per the space you have. From bars to banquets, all designs and materials of the furnishing are to create a more dynamic environment which will enhance the dining ambiance.

Bentwood chairs

Only when you are offering comfort to your customers you are able to build your presence in the competitive market. People visit restaurants to have food in a good environment and here the role of right furniture is very significant.